Our teachers thoughtfully plan classroom curriculum. We believe that while curriculum should be meticulously planned, good teaching also involves being ready and able to facilitate incidental learning, or “teachable moments” by following the interests of an individual child or group into activities that may not have been pre-planned. The center provides activities that offer a variety of choices designed to encourage active physical play, conceptual learning, arts and crafts, music, science, language development, early literacy, social studies, mathematical concepts, and dramatic play as well as social-emotional skills. Let's not forget to mention that we have FUN while we learn! Dancing, singing, getting messy, being silly, and LAUGHING are all part of how we teach our students to enjoy learning! Please take a look at our Curriculum Calendar to see the fun themes and skills we learn throughout the year!!

"Where your child will LOVE to learn and learn to LOVE!!"

Ti Amore Children's Center


Daily Meals

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Ti Amore Children's Center is open year-round, Monday-Friday; and closed in observance of all major holidays. We enjoy several different holidays celebrations as well as many special events throughout the year, so please take a look at our calendar to get more information on holidays, celebrations, and tuition due dates!

TACC Calendars

We provide nutritionally balanced snacks, meals (breakfast and lunch), and cooking activities. We encourage the children to have a “hello” bite, that is, to try a taste of everything. The center supplies whole milk for children 24 months and younger and children 25 months of age and older are served 1% milk. Meal times are relaxed social times, rich with conversation and fellowship.